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Summer Travel Trends And Destinations (INFOGRAPHIC)

After several years of stay-cations and home-improvement "vacations" that were no vacation at all, my family and I took a real, honest-to-goodness vacation this summer. On a plane, to a beach, no computer. A real vacation -- and I'm convinced that real vacations are good for the soul.

Of course it was a lot of togetherness for my husband, me and our three kids, and it was an extended family trip, with parents, siblings, niece and nephew, so the togetherness factor went up a whole lot. But with flexibility and a "hang-loose" attitude, plus the natural beauty and perfect climate on Oahu, we enjoyed lots of time to relax, to explore and to share hilarious moments. That's exactly why planning and packing and traveling are worth the effort.

So, whether you drive or fly, whether you head to the mountains or the beach or somewhere in-between, pack your sunscreen and swimsuits and make plans to get away this summer. Our infographic on where people are going for summer vacations can inspire you with ideas on where to go and how to save some money on the trip.

-- posted by Kiley for the HomeAway team.


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